The town of Buje is one of the partners of the “Tourism4All” project, as part of the public call for “Standard” projects in the “Interreg Italy – Croatia” Programme. The main goal of the project titled “Tourism4All – Development of a Crossborder Network for the Promotion of the Accessible Tourism Destinations” is to develop and promote a crossborder network of accessible tourist destinations and design a common approach and methodology for tourism promotion aimed primarily at people with special needs.

Project partners:

Lead partner: Regione Molise (Italy)

Italy – Regione Veneto (Dipartimento Turismo), ConCentro (Azienda Speciale Camera di Commercio Pordenone), IRECOOP (Istituto Regionale per l’Educazione e Studi Cooperativo), Delta 2000, Società Cooperativa Sociale Odòs i Regione Puglia (Dipartimento Turismo, Economia della Cultura e Valorizzazione del Territorio)

Croatia – Public Institution RERA S.D. for coordination and development of Split-Dalmatia County, City of Zadar, Šibenik-Knin County Tourist Board, Aspira University College of Management and Design, Town of Buje, LAG Brač, and Croatian Camping Association

Project duration: 1 November 2018 – 15 April 2021 (29.5 months)

Total project value: EUR 2,596,808.50

Project summary and objectives:

The project aims to develop and promote a wide crossborder network of the accessible tourist destinations, including natural and cultural sites as well as urban areas and beaches, in order to reduce reliance on seasonal tourism and promote social inclusion by sharing good practices, evaluation methods and by joint-promoting tourism services for the benefit of disadvantaged people as well as those with special accessibility needs such as the disabled and the elderly.

The project includes the development of the analysis and the implementation of joint activities and pilot projects to improve accessibility and availability in ten natural areas and cultural heritage sites in the project partner countries, as well as demonstration activities.


reach the places which have been inaccessible to you so far



San Canzian Village & Hotel

Mužolini Donji
+385 99 3020000

Resort San Servolo

Momjanska 7a
+385 91 477 2400

Where to eat

San Canzian Village & Hotel

Mužolini Donji
+385 99 3020000

Tavern and Pizzeria Aquarius

Digitronska 14
+385 52 773 417

Resort San Servolo

Momjanska 7a
+385 91 477 2400

Special needs

The Center for Inclusion

The Center for Inclusion and Community Support founded in 2005 carries out a number of projects on several locations in the Region of Istria which improve the quality of life of adults with intellectual disabilities. The Association was founded for the purpose of improving the quality of life of its own users in Istria and their integration into the social life of the community and the labour market.
In 2007, the Association developed a half-day social support service for adults with intellectual disabilities (in Pula, Poreč, Labin, Buje), co-financed by the local self-government and the Ministry responsible for social welfare issues. In 2010, the Center for Inclusion and the Ministry responsible for social welfare issues concluded a contract for the provision of organized housing for 20 people with intellectual disabilities. The Association provides its services on its own premises in Pula and by using its own means of transportation. If required, local self-government can also provide other premises and land, as well as vehicles. In order to raise users’ awareness and in order for the Association to provide the best service possible, it has employed adequately trained staff with experience in the sector, while at the same time its workers regularly undergo numerous various in-house and external trainings. Through its work, the Center for Inclusion implements various programmes and projects as a contributor to its users and others. The Association projects include: A) The IN.Promo project conducted in 2011 in partnership with the Region of Istria with the aim of including people with intellectual disabilities in the labour market; B) The PTO project (Swimming as therapy and integration for people with special needs) was conducted from May 2011 to December 2012 in the Region of Istria, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County and Savinjska region in Slovenia; C) The iLearn project was conducted from November 2011 to October 2013. As part of this project, people with disabilities, their parents/guardians, volunteers and local authorities were given an opportunity to interconnect and share their experiences. The Center for Inclusion and Community Support employs 5 people with disabilities under the Innovative Employment Programme for People with Disabilities.


Pula, Ujevićeva 1

+385 52 522 236

+385 52 522 237
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Sensory park


Parenzana, TPC for short (Trieste-Parenzo-Canfanaro) was a 123.1 km long narrow-gauge railway which connected 33 Istrian towns from Trieste to Poreč from 1902 until 1935. If it were still operational today, it would pass through the territory of Italy (13 km), Slovenia (32 km) and Croatia (78 km). Parenzana is the most famous and best visited cycling and hiking trail in Istria today. There are some 20 Bike&Bed facilities along the route, as well as 7 specialized bicycle repair shops and about 15 bike rentals (some of which also offer transportation services). Due to its natural environment, Parenzana is inaccessible to people with reduced mobility and the disabled. Nevertheless, it is possible to get to know and partially experience Parenzana in the Parenzana Museum in Livade.

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